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05/28/18 - Kenny Scharf is a muralist, painter, sculptor and installation-maker. His works are usually large, with imaginative characters and lots of colors. He defines himself as a reactionary to the growing chaos in which we live. However, in the exhibition “Inner and Outer Space", on display at the Leila Heller Gallery in Dubai, the paintings look cheerful, with figures similar to those in children’s cartoons. Scharf reacts against the chaos with an optimistic aesthetic, playful but also pushy, surreal, as if coming from a tormented subconscious.
The most interesting piece is "We’re Melting Together Night and Day” in which a series of very expressive faces with shattered bodies look like ghosts. All over the exhibition we find these playful faces, although their smiles seem to hide something else, which is probably the true message hidden by the artist.
Kenny Scharf
Leila Heller, Dubai
Kenny Scharf
Leila Heller, Dubai

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