05/24/17 - Every year, during the last week of May, we have the chance to visit all the art galleries together under one roof. This year Arte BA presents its best version to date. The pieces on display  attract those seeking for Modern art, but also those interested in Contemporary Art.  In fact the fair welcomes us with Tomás Sarraceno's "Biosphere/17" and  Gyula Kosice (various galleries offer his hydro-spatial drop) as entrance to both pavilions. 
Biosphere/17, by Tomás Sarraceno
In this opportunity we see an increase in the Cabinet spaces. More than 10 galleries chose to present an artist separately from the rest of the pieces on display. Maman, for example, dedicated an entire wing to Raúl Lozza's "Teoría estructural del color", an installation of 30 panels, oils on wood and never before seen manuscripts from 1947. A true curiosity.
Teoría estructural del color, by Raúl Lozza (1947)
Del Infinito presents three pieces by Le Parc, one of them museum-worthy and the other two, unmissable in their frailty, color and soft movement. But there's also a small sculpture by Alberto Heredia at the Cabinet. Although it looks quite traditional from afar, a closer look reveals a mutilated and gagged figure caught in pain.  
Julio Le Parc
Galería Del Infinito
Alberto Heredia
Galería del Infinito
The presence of female artists is larger too, among them Cynthia CohenLuna Paiva, Amaya Bouquet, Elisa Strada, Lorena Ventimiglia and many others.

Lorena Ventimiglia
Luna Paiva
Elisa Strada
Finally it's worth mentioning Eduardo Costa's golden ear for the cover of Vogue magazine, used for Marisa Berenson's portrait. It is exhibited at María Calcaterra, together with other pieces by Costa in an impressive montage. 

Fashion Fiction 1, by Eduardo Costa (1969-2007)
Enlarged Vogue cover with a replica of the original ear / Edition of 18

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