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04/12/17 - For some time now galleries have "museum-nized" themselves, meaning that they sometimes present museum-worthy exhibitions, but with selling purposes. It is what is currently happening at María Calcaterra Moderno & Contemporáneo with the exhibition of artist Jorge de la Vega (Argentina, 1930-1971). It displays a group of artworks from 1963 to 1968, a very productive period which marks the end of his "Bestiario" and the start of his "Psicodelia", right after a trip to New York. From the US he brings several memories, such as his research with hallucinatory drugs and Pop. In his own words: “I took to painting the happiness of the Americans”. It is the end of his mythological period as he introduces himself in the search of mankind. This is why the human figure appears in these artworks in amusing situations or partying. 
Mr. Músculo, by Jorge de la Vega (1967)
Technique: acrylic on canvas / Measures: 114 x 103 cm
You’re welcome, by Jorge de la Vega (1967)
Technique: acrylic on canvas / Measures: 70 x 120 cm. Two panels.
Me quiere no me quiere, by Jorge de la Vega (1968)
Technique: acrylic on canvas / Measures: 80 x 80 cm.
El Corpiño, by Jorge de la Vega (1968)
Measures: 129,5 x 195 cm.
The exhibition presents artworks on sale but also some loans from private collectors. Jorge de la Vega is one of those tireless artists who, exhibition after exhibition, always offers something to discover.

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