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12/11/17 - Just when the year is about to end and the temperature becomes nicer, the city of Miami dresses itself in art to welcome some twenty fairs offering contemporary art for all tastes.
Everything turns around the main one: ArtBasel. Its Miami Beach edition has transformed the city in one of the main art destinations in the world. This is the first year it showcases several Latin American gallerists. From Argentina came Jorge Mara-LaRucheRuth Benzacar and Isla Flotante, which proves the awakening of the regional market. European galleries, on the other hand, brought important pieces by renowned artists, a true temptation to collectors. This was the case of the English gallery White Cube, which included two artworks by Damien Hirst, one with multicolored dots and another one with a suspended cow heart in formol, pierced by a dagger. 

 Sacred Heart (with Hope), by Damien Hirst (2007)
White Cube Gallery - ArtBasel Miami Beach 2017
The hallways were also full with Anish Kapoor's polished surfaces, because many galleries presented artworks by the Indian artist living in England. They all mingled with other classics, like Joel Shapiro, Yoshitomo Nara and Robert Mapplethorpe's flowers. 
Mirror (Purple to Pagan Gold), by Anish Kapoor (2017)
Stainless steel and lacquer / Measures: 180 x 180 cm
Untitled, by Joel Shapiro (2016)
Young Mother, by Yoshitomo Nara (2012)
The pixelated image (impossible to be appreciated in the photo) of an intriguing eye by Judith Eisler (Casey Kaplan Gallery) was another of the highlights, as also the wrapping movement of the sculpture by Yinka Shonibare MBE, at James Cohan Gallery.
Margit, by Judith Eisler (2013)
Technique: oil on canvas / Measures: 121,92 x 152,4 cm
Casey Kaplan Gallery
Material 1, by Yinka Shonibare MBE (2017)
Bronze / Measures: 70 x 99 x 76 cm
One of the satellite fairs also taking place is "Untitled", which is held on the beach, although there's not one single grain of sand inside. Its huge white tent is perfectly conditioned between Ocean and  12th st. Smaller than ArtBasel, it also showcases a group of galleries from around the world with artworks of lower prices. Nontheless, it had many highlights, such as the piece presented by Chelouche Gallery by Dana Ruttenberg and Oren Shkedy. This gallery from Israel exhibited a video tryptic which looked like a tribute to Henri Matisse's "The Danse". Among the European galleries, Max Estrella from Madrid, shone with an artwork by Daniel Canogar. The Argentine galleries also had a shiny presence. Miranda Bosch, for example, was a success with artist Graciela Hasper and her geometrical art, which was picked up by the Museum of Pensilvania and for an intervention in a new building by Related Group. 
CUT!, by Dana Ruttenberg & Oren Shkedy
Daniel Canogar
Galería Max Estrella
S/T, by Graciela Hasper (2017)
Technique: acrylic on canvas /Measures: 190 x 290
Miranda Bosch
All the fairs had the same strategy: a group of curators chose the galleries and the exhibition venues together with the artists and institutions. An ensamble that works to perfection and provides better results each year. 

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