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1130/12 - When we enter an art gallery, the artworks await us silently on the walls. As we approach them, they start conversing with us. Sometimes we choose not to listen. Others have little to tell us. This is not what happens at Nora Fisch/Galería, where we are questioned by the artworks by Ana Tiscornia (Montevideo, 1951) in her exhibition "Colateral y Premeditado" (Collateral and Premeditated).
The artist modified our perception of space through agglutination, with one particular object that stands out: a ladder. We take it as a starting point and begin to search, measure or translate where those ladders are tying to lead us. As we cannot solve the mystery (a paradox, according to curator Humberto Mora), we are freed from the analysis and able to dive in the complex reality that exists in Tiscornia's imagination. 
The name of the exhibition refers, according to the artist, to the moment previous to the artwork, that moment of colapse or catastrophe. Tiscornia says that we can choose between two paths: the Collateral one is more naive, while the Premeditated one entails un unlikely evil.

Colateral y Premeditado, by Ana Tiscornia

Colateral y Premeditado, by Ana Tiscornia

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