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09/10/17 - As part of the Bienalsur Global, at the Museo de la Inmigración, the group of artists known as "Estrella de Oriente" (Pedro Roth, Juan Carlos Capurro, Marcelo Céspedes & Daniel Santorois) is presenting an installation. It's a mock-up of a large ship which plans to solve migration issues in First World countries. EDO explains that, through a journey in the ship "Ballena", immigrants would transform themselves in artworks, so, when reaching the destination, instead of being enforced with migration laws, they would be under the Art laws, which allow free circulation and guarantee the protection of the artworks. Thus immigrants would be admitted and protected in all countries.

La Ballena va llena, by EDO
Cruise Ballena
Mock-up - Longitudinal cut
Of course, once the ship reaches the desired country, there's the issue of providing housing for the new immigrants. EDO proposes the "Árbol Nexor" (Nexor Tree) which is a system of houses in the shape of a rhizome trunk. There, the immigrants-artworks would connect with the people, sharing their stories and habits, and would shift again into their human forms.
With these two very interesting pieces, both with extreme detailing, EDO displays an aesthetic and political artwork that addresses a very current affair.
Arbol Nexor, by EDO
Housing ensamble - Mock-up

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