Sweet Potato, by Iván Argote


Batata, by Iván Argote
Materials: Aluminium with 24k gold foil
12/10/17 - The smallest room at the Muntref is taken by a huge golden sweet potato the size of a sofa.  en dorado que tiene las dimensiones de un sillón de living. If apples have always been associated with knowledge, from the garden of Eden to the logos on the back of the computers, Iván Argote (Colombia, 1983) proposes the sweet potato as the "apple of the Earth". This humble tuber (in this case, done in aluminium and covered in gold foil) is a reference to those that exploited the American continent and took everything, from gold to sweet potatoes, to all the corners of the world. Thus, according to Argote, the sweet potato deserves the same recognition as the apples. 
The room also displays, by the same artist, a video projection entitled "As far as we could", where documentary is blended with fiction. Argote brought together Indonesia and Colombia, two cities located diametrically opposed in the planet, proving that, in spite of the distance, they have more similarities than differences. 
Both artworks are part of the Bienalsur Global Km 0 and Argote is simultaneously exhibiting an interactive installation at Le Centquatre, in Paris.

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Liliana Wrobel

Production & Translation

Carla Mitrani