05/10/17 - Brazilian brothers Fernando (1961) and Humberto Campana (1953) gather materials from their surroundings to create objects which also include their very own deep considerations, juxtaposed with classic motifs. This "Hybridism" can be seen in the exhibition at the Friedman Benda Gallery, in Chelsea, New York, and it presents very interesting details, such as diverse animals, trapped or one on top of the other, mixed with other natural materials, creating a final product that can be used as daily-life objects, such as sofas or candle-holders.
Fernando & Humberto Campana
Material: cast aluminium / Measures: 128 x 37 x 30,5

Noah bench, by Fernando & Humberto Campana
Materials: cast aluminium and woven fabric / Measures: 105 x 256.5 x 107 cm
Edition of 8
The mixture of those elements taken from the fauna and flora of Brazil place these objects in the limits between functionality and sculpture, even though for the Campana brothers they are just sculptures. The artists played freely with self-imposed rules, creating symbols of our Nature in peril due to mass consumerism. 

Branches Sofa, by Fernando and Humberto Campana
Materials: cast bronze and woven fabric / Measures: 102 x 350.5 x 107 cm
Edition of 8
Autumn Sofaby Fernando & Humberto Campana
Materials: cast iron and woven fabric / Measures: 80 x 315 x 81 cm
Edition of 8

Noah Vase, by Fernando & Humberto Campana
Material: cast iron / Measures: 137 x 66.5 x 51 cm

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