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09/11/17 - As you enter the Palacio Pereda, residence to the Brazilian ambassador in Argentina, is impossible not to be amazed by the architecture of a brilliant past which still preserves all of its beauty. The impact is stronger though if the rooms of such a palace display a selection of artworks by Latin American contemporary artists, which any collector would envy. That was precisely the force that led curator Cristina Rossi to gather artworks from the most important Brazilian and Argentine collections and shape this exhibition that is part of the axis “Colección de colecciones” of Bienalsur Global. The exhibition is entitled "Trazas Simultáneas" and, according to the curator, it speaks of a series of interests and issues related to our global situation.
Some of the artworks show abandonement, as for example "La cartonerita", by Betina Sor, in which a female figure (very similar to Berni's Juanito Laguna), seated on the floor, rummages inside trash bags. There's also Daniel Ontiveros's "La margarita", which is made with the handkerchiefs used on the head by the mothers that claimed for their disappeared sons and daughters during the military dictatorship in Argentina. 
La Cartonerita, by Betina Sor (2007)
Installation with a sculpture in high density polyesterene with acrylic parts covered in fabric / Measures  120 x 70 x 90 cm

Arte light, by Daniel Ontiveros (2003)
Materials: printed handkerchiefs / Measures: 1 m diameter
Other works deal with more formal or sensorial issues, like Pablo Reinoso's figure or the video-installation by Brazilian artists Gisella Motta and Leandro Lima, displayed entirely in one room for themselves and which tests our patience and imagination.
Rufino's blues, by Pablo Reinoso
Materials: wood and steel / Measures: 270 x 47 x 8 cm
Espera, by Gisella Motta  and Leandro Lima (2013)

Materials: looped Video 12', no audio. Projection in 2 steel benches with electrostatic paint  / Measures: Benches of  156 x 48 x 48 cm
And since this is a collection of collections, of course we find Ernesto Neto, the group Mondongo and Cildo Meirelles (a puppet-man which sells pins and collar stays under the control of his boss).
Reversed to the sky, by Ernesto Neto (1999)

Materials: sand, turmeric and nylon / Measures: 1.5 m diameter x 4 m tall
Sin título (in God we trust), by Mondongo (2005)
Materials: snails, threads and resin on wood / Measures: 30 x 120 x 10 cm
Camelô (vendedor ambulante), by Cildo Meirelles (1998)
Materials: 1000 pin, 1000 collar stays, 2 tables, 1 doll, 1 motor and 1 box / Variable measures
The quality of the works and talent of the selected artists, plus the generosity of the collectors, make this exhibition unmissable. If the Muntref (main headquarters) is the starting point or 0 km, then the 1.9 km is a mandatory stop.

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