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09/14/17 - In every of Silvia Rivas' artworks one feels that something is about to happen, or has just happened, something inexplicable that causes anxiety and anguish but we can never tell. The truth is that Rivas' photographies, video-installations and drawings, on display at the Paseo de las Artes Duhau, explore situations in which temporality is materialized.  This effect can be truly seen in the videos, in which a woman is slowly falling, in a dramatic situation. The same happens with a plate that rotates on its axis and is about to break into pieces.

Soltar-caer, of the series "Momentum", by Silvia Rivas (2015)
Video-installation in two channels.
Daño inminente, of the series "Sobre lo inminente", by Silvia Rivas (2014)
Video-installation in two channels for HD monitors.
A special paragraph must be dedicated to two pieces belonging to the series "Zumbido": in two screens we see a swarm of flies and female hands trying to crush them or scare them away. It's not quite clear what is going on. 
Zumbido (dinámicas), by Silvia Rivas (2010)
Video-installation on a multi-display monitor
In general, nothing is too clear in the artworks, but that's what makes them different. They are researches of what can happen, or what might never happen, in different situations, or if someone fell. What does it do to us? A reflection about Time, as an instant that happens and keeps us on the edge. 

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