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09/07/17 - The Bienal Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo (Internacional Contemporary Art Biennial) is about to open but some artworks have already been installed around the city of Buenos Aires. Example of this is the installation by Pedro Cabrita Reis (Portugal, 1956). It consists of a long rafter that breaks the classic architectural order of the Facultad de Derecho (School of Law). The piece shines as a fluorescent pipe in the stairs that lead to the building and it's best to enjoy it at night because, against the dark background, it stands out as a long diagonal line that shakes the rigidity of the orthogonal lines of the building.

La línea de Buenos Aires, by Pedro Cabrita Reis
Another of the installations belongs to American artist Katie Urban, who specializes in urban art. As her aim is public acceptance, she has installed a giant eye in the rooftop of the Museo de Arquitectura y Diseño. It’s in fact a screen with a video of an eje that seems to be looking around. Its movements are provocative and it truly feels as if it’s looking at us. This is so vivid that it certainly alters the public space.

The Eye, by Katie Urban

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