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ArteBA, which took place till yesterday at La Rural, is the third Art Fair, regarding quantity of visitors, in the world, after ArtBasel Miami and Arco in Madrid. Twelve international museums came to shop (this probably explains why most of the prices were in US dollars).
Although most of the artworks on display are examples of Contemporary Art, it was possible to find very interesting works of the past century, such as the intervened-photos by Antonio Berni.
Intervened WWII photos, by Antonio Berni
Not only international museums visit the fair, also foreign investors, such as the American collector who bought Elisa Insúa's embellished cash register, symbol of consumerism. He paid for it U$S 40.000 at Galería María Casado.
Caja Registradora con incrustaciones, by Elisa Insúa
The MNBA bought Stradivarius by Gumier Maier for 120.000 Argentine pesos, to display on the newly renovated rooms of the first floor, to open soon.
Pequeño teatro, by Gumier Maier (2015)
Installation / Variable measures
There were also small wonders, like those by Liliana Porter and by Claudia Fontes...
Evento V, by Liliana Porter (2003/2015) - Detail
Materials: figures, wood bases and smoke marks
Foreigners, by Claudia Fontes (2015)
Materials: porcelain / Measures: 15 x 20 x 8 cm
Contemporary artists, with current exhibitions in Buenos Aires, were also present, as for example,  Matías Duville (now also at the Centro Cultural Recoleta) and Sofía Bohtlingk, with an artwork quite similar to those shown at Arte x Arte and at the C. C. Recoleta.
Matías Duville
There was a very interesting artwork presented by the Brasilian Gallery Vermelho: digital reproduction of chess matches played by Duchamp. The artist recorded with utmost detail each movement and, inspired by those documents, varios artworks were created.
Marcel Duchamp vs Jacques Mieses: 0-1 (Nice, 1931), by Gisela Motta & Leandro Lima
ArteBA is always an excellent opportunity to get close to the artists and their works and, above all, a chance to know the art market. And although art today is much more intangible, with performances and brief installations, there's still a lot of paintings and sculptures to see and buy.

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