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A gigantic pile of kitchenware of exaggerated proportions: that's how we could describe Robert Therrien's artwork (USA, 1947), presented at the Gagosian Gallery in London. The artist, whose creations are influenced by Pop Art and Conceptualism, works in 2D and 3D, provoking observers with large-scale objects. Therrien transforms daily-life elements, such as pots and pans, enlarging them to dramatic proportion, thus modifying their relation to the spectator. The work at the Gagosian Gallery is made of 25 objects, piled into a 3-mts-tall structure. Each object is a perfect replica, with handles and lids. As a result, we interact with the pile, in admiration, as it seems to fluctuate due to the optical effect of the polished surfaces. We are not just viewers, but parts of that modified ready-made.
No title (pots and pans II), by Robert Therrien (2008)
Gagosian Gallery, London.
No title (pots and pans II), by Robert Therrien (2008) - Details
Gagosian Gallery, London.

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