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Who wouldn't want to have the image of Captain America or Spiderman's, with the signature of their creator Stan Lee, hanging on a wall at home? That was the attractive idea of Halcyon Gallery in London. But, next to the posters of Marvel's Superheroes, there's also artworks by Russell Young and Mauro Perucchettia, plus a print-proof of Andy Warhol's Ad Series. A conjunction we could label as Updated Pop Art, because those concepts seen in Warhol's works about consumerisms in the USA of the 60s, are now added to the increased consumption of aesthetic treatments and surgeries. In the photo below, against the background of the superhero posters, there's a work by Mario Perucchetti, which shows a golden woman with her head covered with syringes.
Precious One, by Mario Perucchetti
Materials: Swarovski crystals, pigmented resin / Measures: 140 x 130 x 110 
Price: 165.000 pounds. Edition of 8.
Halcyon Gallery, London - May/June 2015
Also by Perucchetti, two pills with diamond powder represent the "magic pills": those which make us believe they'll have transforming powers in our bodies.
Luxury Therapy (Twin), by Mario Perucchetti
Materials: resin and Swaroski crystals / Measures: 23x 8.5 x 21 cm
Edition of 99 / Price: 8.500 pounds
Halcyon Gallery, London - May/June 2015
And if we speak of consumerism, who wouldn't want to have a very own Marilyn Monroe? Russell Young presents the very same photo (a repetition of that take), in various hues and covered with diamond-dust.
Marilyn Crying (Chartreuse & Black), by Russell Young
Technique: Acrylic paint, enamel and diamond-dust on canvas
Measures: 91.5 x 71 cm
Price: 12,750 pounds
Halcyon Gallery, London - May/June 2015
Marilyn Crying ( Bondi Blue & Black), by Russell Young
Technique: Acrylic paint, enamel and diamond-dust on canvas
Measures: 91.5 x 71 cm
Price: 12,750 pounds
Halcyon Gallery, London - May/June 2015
Marilyn Crying, by Russell Young
General view 
Halcyon Gallery, London - May/June 2015
The museum-piece of the exhibition belongs to Andy Warhol and comes from a private collection. It's a print on paper of Warhol's famous soup cans. The originals can be found at the MoMA in New York. This is a proof the artist did before presenting the final artwork. It's signed with pen, numered (10 prints were made) and has the seal of the printer.
Campbell’s Soup I, by Andy Warhol (1968) 
Measures:88,9 x 58,4 cm / Price: 975.000 pounds
Halcyon Gallery, London - May/June 2015
This exhibition demonstrates how updated Pop Art still is among investors and collectors, although there's a slight change in the subjects. By change, we refer to the exaggerated use of glitter in Mario Perucchetti's works or the diamond-dust in Russell Young's. The more shinny, the better.
On the other hand, the superheroes' posters treated as works of art questions us whether they are artworks or just archive pieces of past publications. Those unanswered questions by the Art Experts allows us, in the meantime, to enjoy them as they are. It's more than fine to question these things, specially regarding Contemporary Art. 

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