When cement is an artwork...


An inmense room, which feels both sacred and sepulchral. It's what we get from Arena Parking by Matías Duville (Buenos Aires, 1974) at the Sala Cronopios of the Centro Cultural Recoleta. The artwork was conceived for that space, using rolled down pavement and not sand. It occupies the entire room with its overwhelming presence. We might imagine it's a landscape of mountains or a faraway land in another world, where there's no life. Or maybe what's left after the eruption of a volcano. Everything is possible, it's what Contemporary Art is about: walking and standing in from of that pile and simply observe.
Arena Parking, by Matías Duville (2015)
Rolled-down pavement
Arena Parking, by Matías Duville (2015) - Details

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Liliana Wrobel

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Carla Mitrani