The Centro Cultural Recoleta is currently presenting a four-artists exhibition, where the artworks do not interact between each other. According to curator Mariano Mayer, "they are experiments of autonomy". However the lack of dialogue is, after all, a type of encounter.
Performer, by Santiago De Paoli (2015)
The inspiration for this exhibition came from Claire Denis' 1994 movie “US Go Home”, a story about teenagers living near a military base in France, told in 24 hrs. Although the artists on display did not create their artworks as response to that movie, the curator saw in them tensions and behaviours similar as those of the cast in the film.
Prototipo I y II, by Luciana Lamothe (2014)
The few artworks frame the space to meet the demands of the curator: isolation, loneliness, grief. This is specially enhanced by Santiago De Paoli's Performer: a seated man, a sculpture that, from afar, moves as much as that by Distéfano.

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