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With all the "performance mood" we are having these days in Buenos Aires, because of the Biennial, and continuing with our posts about the frontiers and limits between the arts, today we present this work by Michel (Switzerland, 1969) and André Décosterd (Switzerland, 1967). It's known as Pendulum Choir: a 9-voices choir and 18 hydraulic cylinders, in perfect synchronisation. Each singer stands on an individual platform which moves in relation to the music, in this case, latin verses by Virgil, Horace and Ovid. With movements defying gravity, the performers bend and fold in a rather obsessive and obscure ritual. All in all, it looks as a complex musical instrument, alive yet robotic. 
Pendulum Choir, by Michel y André Décosterd
Singers: Jeune Opéra Copagnie – Les voix, 2006  v

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