Shy observers, beware!


Certain exhibitions require the interaction of visitors, something not easy for those who prefer simple observation. Sometimes you can just walk by, others you become an observed observer and, in some cases, you can't help interact a little. This is what happens at MALBA's exhibition, Experiencia Infinita.
Entre otros acontecimientos, by Elmgreen & Dragset (2000)
Continuous site-specific project: two unemployed painters paint the walls of the room with white paint, indefinitely. 
At first we feel confused: Is the room being painted? It does not seem such a good time for restoration... However, as we read the sign of the work by Elmgreen & Dragset, it all makes sense. The artists wanted to pay tribute to an invisible job in museums and galleries:  that of the workers in charge of whitening the walls of the "white cubes".
Narrativa instantánea, by Dora García
Live installation 
Spanish artist Dora García (Valladolid, 1965) surprises with an artwork that faces visitors with a screen with projected comments, written by an anonymous observer. These comments are about the people entering the room, thus we realise we are being watched by someone unknown.  
Puerta Giratoria, by Allora & Calzadilla (Jennifer Allora y Guillermo Calzadilla) 
Choreographic installation. Ten dancers act as a revolving door, imitating gestures seen in social protests.
Don't think you'll be able to escape this exhibition without having to interact because you'll have to walk through a human-revolving-door that makes things complicated for visitors. The moves of the dancers are inspired by those seen in political demonstrations and military parades. Walking through them is a real task.
The exhibition is very attractive. Was it conceived to draw visitors? The live performances surely attract a diverse and new audience. But it's also truth that these performances and installation are a faster and cheaper way to increase interest, because the wages of the dancers and painters are not as expensive as insuring and transporting a valuable artwork.  

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