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Korean artist Jung Lee (1972)'s installations are quite unusual. They can be divided in two series Day & Night and Aporía. The Greek word aporía stands for "something that has no solution". For this last series, the artist found inspiration in a book by Roland Barthes ("A Lover's Discourse: Fragments"), about what happens when we fall in love. He/she loves me, he/she loves me not, I believe in her/him, he/she is lying: it seems as lovers fall into a delirium with no answers or exits. For Lee, that reveals the sadness and loneliness of love in the present days.
In his artworks, his light installations have certain similarities with those by Tracy Emin, but they are more moving.
I Dream Of You, by Jung Lee (2012)
Light Installation
I Want To Be Your Love, by Jung Lee (2012)
Light Installation
Once In A Lifetime, by Jung Lee (2011)
Light Installation
You, You, You…,  by Jung Lee (2010)
Light Installation
The End, by Jung Lee (2010)
ILight Installation

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