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Eduardo Schiaffino was the first director of the MNBA and curator of the exhibitions held during his management. Considered an expert by his peers and the political sector, he was able to shape the collection of the Museum according to his very own artistic taste.
Between 1903 and 1907 he travels to Europe to acquire more artworks because he considered important to increase the permanent collection of the MNBA. He is given the largest budget in all of his administration: 21.600 Argentine pesos. During his stay in Paris he did not choose the controversial vanguards of those days but mostly outdoor landscapes which, although different from other very Academic examples, lacked the originality shown by the Impressionists. He was probably more influenced by the increased admiration shown by Paris' cultural circle towards Nordic Art. 
Back in Buenos Aires, Schiaffino displays the paintings in a particular way, without considering artistic schools or dates. Certain rooms were reserved for landscapes, others for portraits and others for nudes. 
When in 1930s Atilio Chiáppori is appointed as new director, he decides to display the works according to the new guidelines designed by the  MoMA. 
Thus, the works shown today at the exhibition "La Pintura Nórdica" are rescued from oblivion to prove the richness of MNBA's collection.
Winter day, by Torgny Dufwa (1909) - Sweden
Technique: oil on canvas / Measures: 110 x 80 cm
Las Nieves, by Erik Hedberg (1908) - Sweden
Technique: oil on canvas / Measures: 101.5 x 121 cm
End of Autumn, by Vilhelm Behm (1905) - Norway
Technique: oil on canvas / Measures: 100 x 122 cm

Keep Reading... "Eduardo Schiaffino curador: la Exposición Adquisiciones de 1906 en AAVV. Exposiciones de arte argentino y latinoamericano. Curaduría, diseño y políticas culturales," de Paola Melgarejo. Buenos Aires, Grupo de estudio sobre museos y exposiciones, 2011, pp15-28

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