Bernard Plossu & Francoise Nuñez at the MNBA...


On its second floor, the MNBA is currently offering the chance to visit the temporary exhibition of the work of photography-couple Bernard Plossu (Vietnam, 1945) and Francoise Nuñez (Spain). In a total of 50 photos, all of them B&W, 25 belong to Plossu and the rest to Nuñez, and they show different places of the world and its inhabitants.
Plossu, who rejects digital photography, uses an old Nikkomat. His photos are intimate, poetical, almost minimal in the purity of the lines and shapes.
Elena, by Bernard Plossu (1966)
Bernard Plossu (1973)
Bernard Plossu (1981)
Françoise Nuñez chooses to present different cities with utmost realism: everything is shown as it is, no detours. Sometimes she focuses on a group of people, others on a single objects or central point of view. 
Françoise Nuñez (2009)
Tiruvannamalai - India
Françoise Nuñez (1989)
The exhibition seeks to discover meeting points with Latin America, which is the ground base of the museum's permanent photography collection. And although certain photos are rather exotic, we can see many coincidences between the cities and the people throughout the world. 
It's a pity that the signs next to the photos provide so little information: nothing about the technique, the final dimensions or the number of copies. However, Nuñez and Plossu are able to take us on a long trip where words are not really necessary. 

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