What's a museum today...?


08/16/18 - The role played by museums today is the subject of several debates. All kinds of exhibitions, some riskier and forward-thinking than other, are organized to attract more visitors. And the shops have become cultural selling spots, offering from memorabilia to any kind of art-related objects. What was till now considered an almost sacred place can be rented for all types of events, even filming a music video. This is the case of Beyoncé y Jay-Z’s latest video, which guide us through the most iconic artworks of the Louvre.

Maybe because of the need to find funds whatever way possible, the great art institutions of the world had to allow big changes to shake up the system. It’s probably the time to also wonder what is art and what is not. Till no time at all, what was shown at a museum was legitimized and elevated to a superior category. Is Beyoncé’s video art? It is certainly a particular type of art, but not the type to be shown at a museum... or is it

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Liliana Wrobel

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Carla Mitrani