2018, the year that was... (Part I)


30/12/18 - In the final hours of the year, when we stop for a while to make a quick recount, the images stored in our brain appear one after the other. The best and the worst. The ones that reached to our senses. The outstanding and the mistaken.
This was definitely a year marked by women artists, who achieved the much deserved recognition and space, after a long time, amost since Renaissance. Finally we see a change.
Several exhibitions in 2018 were focused on polítics and the desesperate situation of immigrants. The market handled increasing values and visitors were asked to be active participants, and not just spectators. We will further analyze this and other key points below.

More and more is asked from us
Contemporary Art demanded us to be alert, to read the signs and explanations in the galleries, ask questions, read the biography of the artists, attend special lectures given by the curators or even take guided visits. It took effort and dedication to understand what was being shown. Furthermore, the new technologies were present as never before and certain electronic installation required us to spend more than an hour watching screens and other devices.
And in spite of all this dedication, sometimes it wasn't enough. And when the piece has only been created to activate our senses, we felt the lack of discourse...

Blurry limits
The exhibitions were not only displays of artworks, but included also performances, musicians and other cross-overs. We ask ourselves then: Everything that happens in the gallery is part of the exhibition or is it there just to entertain the visitors? Are we witnesses of the birth of new ways of producing and presenting the visual arts?  

Museums not only display artworks
The need of economic finance has allowed exhibition spaces to transform into venues for all sorts of shows. The stores have received as many (or more) guests than the museums themselves, due to the reproduction of the artworks in every possible way. Some museums were rented for special events, even to film a music video. The institution is changing but it's still the one with the final word regarding what it is and what is not art. 
 (To be continued...)

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