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4/05/18 - "Fotografía Argentina 1850-2010. Contradicción y Continuidad", the exhibition currently on display at Proa, is the result of an investigation originated by Getty Foundation. The exhibition looks into the crucial moments and artistic movements in Argentina in which photographic records were fundamental.
Although the beginning of the exhibition is purely historic, as we advance into the following rooms, we get to see the main photographers of our country with some of their most iconic works.
It’s interesting to discover how many artist chose photography as an expression, producing works of excellent aesthetic quality and how many were able to capture unique moments in Argentine history.
The room dedicated to the 60s and 70s pays special attention to conceptual art and, above all, the intellectual artists. We find here those photographers that focus on daily events and transform them into works of art. It's the case of Leandro Katz (Argentina, 1938), with his photographic installation Alfabeto Lunar, which is part of MoMA's collection in New York. Katz had access to the telescope at Brown University and was able to capture detailed images of the surface of the moon.
The series of Lunar Alphabets, with which he registered the cycle of the moon, is an ecological manifest that forces us to receive and understand its language.
Oración lunar I, by Leandro Katz (1978)
Katz is able to light our curiosity with something so natural as the phases of the moon. Maybe because it does not reflect our particular history, this artwork goes beyond the cultural and geographic borders to become a universal artwork.

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