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26/04/18 - Richard Serra (1938) was born in San Francisco. Throughout his career he investigated the physical impact of a sculpture in the medium that contains it, but also the psychological effect it produces in the observer. With his large scale pieces, Serra noticed that when a person walks through certain spaces, it's impossible to predeterminate his/her movements nor the way he/she will relate with the sculpture. 
Sequence is a gigantic artwork shaped as an intricate maze and it's placed in the first floor of San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art (a well deserved spot for a local artist), which had to build its doors once the sculpture was placed inside. It has two steel ellipses, connected by an S-shaped plate that creates a passage to walk through the artwork.
The sculpture was made in a factory in Germany and Serra worked hand in hand with the operators to develop the sinuous spaces. The experience is certainly claustrophobic yet unique.
Sequence, by Richard Serra (2006) 
Material: waterproof steel

Sequence, by Richard Serra (2006) 
Material: waterproof steel (detail)

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