The Last Supper (Trash Banquet)


A very interesting installation is currently on display in the gardens of the Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo and it is dedicated to the excessive amount of trash we generate daily. In fact a la excesiva cantidad de residuos que se producen diariamente. In fact, waste  was collected and transformed into a long table cloth that covers an oblong table and falls down the stairs. Over the table hangs a huge plastic mobile that looks like a lighting device. The installation is completed with twelve seated figures, positioned like in the classic paintings of the Last Supper. The dinner guests discuss several issues, like global warming or the lack of housing.
The artwork is part of the Bienal Global.

Trash Banquet. The Last Supper, by Ventana Collective (2017)

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Liliana Wrobel

Production & Translation

Carla Mitrani