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28/09/17 - Two large cast iron pods that hang from the roof hold two heavy crystal balloons. The artwork is called "Caliper" and it's a balancing test, because the balloons are not attached but simply stand in the edge of the metallic pods. The structure is extremely organic, it recalls the vegetable world and, although it weights 50 kilos, it looks quite light in spite of its opulence. The artist in question is Kathleen Ryan (1984) and she is exhibiting at the Arsenal Contemporary gallery in New York other pieces that also present tensions between materials.

Caliper, by Kathleen Ryan
Materials: cast iron / Measures: 59 x 35 x 9 ½ inches
The main room is still very organic, with two sculptures that, at first sight, seem unstable. However, up-close, we see again that Ryan has used heavy materials to create tensions. A rudimentary support holds a bunch of countless drop-shaped crystals in jade and pink quartz. Both sculptures are completed with cast iron pods which, in spite of its stiffness, do not endanger the intention of fertility and movement in the pieces. 

Diana, by Kathleen Ryan
Materials: pink quartz, brass and cast iron

Miranda, by Kathleen Ryan
Materials: Jade, brass and cast iron
The last room of the gallery only displays an artwork done with bowling balls (with the names of their previous owners) which, together, form an impossibly-heavy bead necklace. However the artist placed it as if someone had just used it and let it fall in a twisting and sensual movement, completely weightless.

Kathleen Ryan
Materials: barb wire, bowling, brass / Variable dimensions

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