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03/30/17 - Visitors of all kinds always find their favourite artworks: the traditionalists, the hippies, the modernists. Art unites us with its conciliatory message in a world with no boundaries.
Self Portraits Facing Cancer 1, by George Condo (2015)
The Broad Museum, Los Angeles, USA.
Self Portrait, by Alex Israel
Installation - Sotheby’s, London.
Eduardo Paolozzi
Seated Woman II, by Joan Miro (1939)
Female Nude, de Vilhelm Lundstrom (1940)
Technique: oil on canvas
Statens Museum for Kunst, Denmark
Dance in the City, by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1883)
Technique: oil on canvas
Claude Monet
Fondation Beyeler, Basel, Switzerland.Cy Tombly
ZigZag Ecriture, by Park Seo-Bo (1983-1992)
White Cube, London.
Monochrome (Black / Cobalt Blue), by Anish Kapoor (2015)
Materials: fiberglass and paint / Measures: 187 x 187 x 40 cm 
Kukje Gallery, Seoul.

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