Doma vs Joe Peragine


 Stupid Elephant Tank, by Doma (2007)
Soft sculpture / Measures: 500 x 600 cm
Breathing Tank, by Joe Peragine (2016)
17/11/16 - Two similar artworks are on display on two very different places. The Grupo DOMA is presenting one of their inflatables at the CCK, in the exhibition "200 años: Pasado-Presente-Futuro". While Joe Peragine placed his "Breathing Tank" just outside White Box Gallery in New York, as a way to protest against the results of the recent Presidential election in the US.
DOMA is group of Buenos Aires-based artists who decided to work together: Mariano Barbieri, Julián Manzelli, Matías Vigliano and Orilo Blandini. They use society as their lab to test our reaction to different stimulus. The Elephant-tank was presented in Berlin, as an ironic way to capture the smiles of the passers-by in a city that had quite an experience with war tanks. At the CCK, the artwork is part of the "Future" section and it represents the need to build a Nation with no violence.  
On the other hand, Peragine's provocative work is a mamut-like tank that inflates and deflates as if it were breathing. Since 2005 Peragine has been investigating Sherman tanks as symbolic and metaphoric objects. The series is called "Hell On Wheels" and it includes drawings, sculptures and videos. At the University of Arizona's Art Museum, one of his works took part of the exhibition "The disasters of War", with drawings by Goya.

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