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11/14/16 - Migration flows of people have happened since forever. Nowadays, in some places of our planet, these migrations show how little caring and friendly we can be with the displaced that have lost it all. Fernanda Rege (Argentina, 1973) depicts those human movements in her paintings. It's her own personal way of taking charge of this awful situation. 
Diáspora, by Fernanda Rege
Mixed technique on canvas / Measures: 150 x150
In her works, tiny bodies move around the canvas in an unrecognizable map. The pieces have different sizes and in many of them, some objects appear frequently, such as safety pins. The artist uses them as an easy solution when some things need to be kept together. There are also words or connected sentences that go from one painting to the other, and it's not easy to understand their meaning. Most of them are too tiny for our eye to read. But this seems to be Rege's aim: we need to come really close to the painting to truly understand what is going on.
From the series "Fisuras de Esperanza", by Fernanda Rege
Measures: 20 x 20 cm
These paintings are an expression of primitiveness, they show man's journey from one place to another to seek shelter when in danger. Even so, Rege's tiny people bring to mind philosopher Walter Benjamin's approach to Paul Klee's Angelus Novus, in which he expresses his pessimist vision of our historical development, as the cycle of constant and never-ending desperation that we like to call progress.
Insondable, by Fernanda Rege
Mixed technique on canvas / Measures: 100 x100

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