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The Faena Art Center is currently presenting "Auto Body", an exhibition of female artists working with video, performances and new media. It's a project born in Miami in 2014, when a committee  of curators gathered the work of 35 women from different countries, all inspired by political and economic inequalities in the world. In each city where Auto Body opens, the curators choose local artists to add to the original platform.
The staging is very original: a series of screens, lined-up in two rows, each with headphones so sounds won't interfere.
Auto Body - General view
Faena Arts Center - June 2015
Israeli artist Sigalit Landau (1969), for 30 years creator of installations and videos that blend history, ritual and geopolitics, presents Mermaids: three women land on a beach and are pushed by the sea. The beach is located in the border between Gaza and Askelon and the women scratch the sand, leaving marks with their fingers, till they are swallowed by the sea.
Mermaids (Erasing the Border of Azkelon), by Sigalit Landau (2011)
Faena Arts Center - June 2015
Among the local artists, Silvia Gurfein (Buenos Aires, 1959) faces us with a poetic video in which a hand moves in the water, as if drawing. "To leave a footprint: a basic human impulse", explains the artist.
Escrito en el agua, by Silvia Gurfein (2015)
Faena Arts Center - June 2015
Dana Levy (Israel, 1975) is a photographer and cinematographer. Her main interest lies in the difference between “the wild” and “the produce of man” and how both face each other, the natural vs. the artificial. In the video The Wake, as in a fairy tale, the artist frees a hundred butterflies from the Invertebrate Zoology Department from the Carnegie Natural History Museum in Pittsburgh. She wanted to express revolution and freedom, showing us the violence, without actually seeing the violent act happening.
The Wake, by Dana Levy (2011)
Faena Arts Center - June 2015
Finally, let's point out the work of María José Arjona (Colombia, 1973): a video in which a woman swings between cutters close to her neck.
Right At The Center There Is Silence, de María José Arjona
Faena Arts Center - June 2015
The exhibition shows women in different situations. It is clear that the curators wanted us to face the transformations and the vital force within the female body.

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