A Marcelo Pombo retrospective...


If there's a very own, very particular way of expressing oneself in the Visual Arts, that's certainly Marcelo Pombo's (Buenos Aires, 1959), to whom the MNBA has recently bought the artwork Winco at ArteBa. His art is complex, filled with irony and hard to classify into a certain historic art movement. In his 30-years-career he has shown a provocative attitude and became one of the most influential artist in Argentina. He is currently presenting a retrospective in the building that houses Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat's Art Collection. Here, just a glimpse of some of the pieces on display, in a very original setting, and presented chronologically.
Banquito, by Marcelo Pombo (1984)
Materials: wooden stool painted with synthetic enamel. 
Mantel, by Marcelo Pombo (1990)
Materials: plastic embellishment sewn into a cotton table-cloth, cans of beans and nylon tassels.  
Figura con sol, by Marcelo Pombo (2001)
Technique: enamel on paper
Tesoro en el fondo del mar, derramándose sobre la tierra, by Marcelo Pombo (2010)
Materials: enamel on panel, with strings of ceramic, glass and plastic beads.

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