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The MNBA is temporary presenting "La mirada interior", an exhibition of artworks by this Argentine artist, who was born in Buenos Aires, but has been living in the USA the past 20 years. Among the pieces on display, it is very interesting to see up-close the female heads and the series Luna.
Series "Las Mujeres Acorazadas", by Eugenio Cuttica (2015)
Alpaca. Installation.
The enigmatic heads, lightly Eastern, with closed eyes and lost in thought, are divided into two series: the first, with warrior helmets, and the second, in transparen resin. With the latter, Cuttica wants to show the outside and the inside as well, a path of thought based in his studies of Philosophy and Religion.
"La Historia no existe II", by Eugenio Cuttica (2012)
Materials: poliester resin with embellishments / Measures: 28 x 48 x 50 cm
Although today an artist has a broad offer of materials and posibilites to express himself, Cuttica (1957) still prefers to paint and chooses the human figure as subject. In his series Luna, a girl is placed in different landscapes, which he began painting in the 90s, with his arrival to New York. There he studied Eastern arts and returns recurrently to the subject of silence. The small girl observes the landscape, which is usually huge, or looks directly to the visitors.
Luna y corona de novia, by Eugenio Cuttica (2013)
Mixed technique on canvas / Measures: 180 x 320 cm
Luna y la ballena, by Eugenio Cuttica (2012)
Mixed technique on canvas / Measures: 240 x 1200 cm
Luna y la glicina, by Eugenio Cuttica (2014)
Mixed technique on canvas / Measures: 185 x 370 cm
Luna y tulipanes, by Eugenio Cuttica (2012)
Mixed technique on canvas / Measures: 185 x 380 cm
A must-see... An exhibition of impeccable making.

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