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Sotheby’s is presenting the exhibition Beyond Limits at Chatsworts Castle, in Derbyshire. This stunning residence belonged to the Dukes of Devonshire and is one of the most emblematic houses in Europe. The exhibition, so different for the auction house, showcases monumental works by modern and contemporary artists. The pieces are displayed with such skill that they interact with the nature surrounding them, enhancing their beauty. The use of drones to capture images achieve breathtaking magic.
Pièce d'eau, by Baltasar Lobo (1971)
Material: bronze / Measures: 123 x 223 x 150cm
(video by the drones, here)
Silk Weaver, by Lori Park (2011)
Material: bronze / Measures: 200 x 135 x 156 cm
(video by drones, here)
Bermuda Triangle, by Marc Quinn (2012)
Material: bronze / Measures: 210 x 290 x 264 cm
(video by drones, here)
Couple On Seat, by Lynn Chadwick (1984)
Material: bronze / Measures: 241 x 300 x 237 cm
(video by drones, here)
Grande Cardinale, by Giacomo Manzù (1985)
Material: bronze / Measures: 224 x 142 x 116cm
(video by drones, here)
Tao Hua Yuan: A Lost Village Utopia, by Xu Bing (2013-14)
Materials and measures: both diverse
(capture by drones, here)
Raumplastik Grosse F.Ii, by Norbert Kricke (1980)
Material: stainless steel / Measures: 956 x 493 x 356 cm
(capture by drones, here)
Construct II, by Antony Gormley
Material: melted iron / Measures: 40.6 x 193 x 162.5 cm
(video by drones, here)
Definitely an excellent strategy to conquer collectors or those seeking an artwork for their garden. 
The MNBA has a number of outdoor pieces on the terrace of the second floor, such as Mujer con Libro by José Fioravanti, which is worth the visit.

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