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The MALBA is currently presenting C-32Sucursal, an exhibition by the Nuevo Museo Energía de Arte Contemporáneo (La Ene). The works are aimed to make the public think about art and the institutions that usually house the artworks. 
Le musée c’est moi (I am the museum), by Leonel Pinola (2013)
Materials: printed t-shirt / Variable measures
In 1956, Rafael Squirru founded the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, although at first it had no headquarters, as the space destined to it was under construction. Thus, at the beginning, it would survive as a nomadic adventure, organising activities in different venues. It became known as  "Ghost Museum": it had no roof nor walls. Every time someone would ask Squirru about the museum, he would answer "Le musée c’est moi" (I am the museum), as a parody to Louis XIV and his  "L’Etat, c’est moi" (I am the State). This parody becomes a t-shirt in an artwork by Leonel Pinola (Bs.As., 1978), which is a critic to the relationship between the art-world and the merchandising by art institutions.
La Isleña, by Radamés”Juni” Figueroa (2014)
Assorted materials
The video by Figueroa (Puerto Rico, 1982) belongs to a larger installation that seeks the participation of the visitors, for pure enjoyment or reflection.
Museo Queer, by Adriana Minoliti (BsAs 1980)
Technique: digital print on wallpaper / Variable measures
Minoliti created a wallpaper that can be placed in any desired room of an exhibition. It's mainly a digital intervention of photos of a room at the Musée d'Art Moderne of Paris, resulting in a parallel museum. This Museo Queer is inside the La Ene's Museum and, lastly, inside another museum, the MALBA.
La Ene was born in 2010 as a critic to the circulation and production of art. It is an open, flexible, ever-changing and expansive museum. Its collection is stored in a digital memory and the pieces are printed every time an exhibition is organised. 
These interventions in museums are part of a new dynamic in Contemporary art. Even a traditional museum as the MNBA has adopted this new way of expression: as an example, it has been offering the Bellos Jueves.

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