Opposed materials. Bricks + Glass = Art


Which feelings are needed to unite the strength of bricks with the fragility of glass? This is what curator Florencia Battiti wondered when she saw Marcela Cabutti's works at Galería Del Infinito. Marcela answers: it's the emotion provoked by noble and archaic materials.
Arco, by Marcela Cabutti (2014)
Materials: bricks, metal ribs, red glass balls / Measures: 245 x 24 x 145
Del Infinito
However, Cabutti's thing is definitely glass. That's where she crystallises her art.
Lluvia Negra, by Marcela Cabutti (2014)
Technique: black blown glass / Measures: 130 x 80 x 87cm
Del Infinito
Formas rojas suspendidas en el espacio, by Marcela Cabutti (2014)
Materials: three pieces of blown glass / Measures: 40 x 20 x 30 cm
Del Infinito
If you think of glass as a cold material, this sculptor demonstrates the contrary. There's an artwork in particular, from 2012, not exhibited at the gallery, where glass becomes warm, even fire.
El Beso, de Marcela Cabutti
Technique: blown glass and drawings / Measures: 43 x 23 x 43 cm 
Marcela Cabutti goes for basic, simple shapes and, as in certain works by León Ferrari or Nicola Costantino, the curve of the circle is always present.

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