Using the French word détour (detour), artist Fabio Kacero (Buenos Aires, 1961) invented the term "Detournalia": land of detours, or land made of detours. It's Kacero's way of turning things around and it's what he shows in his new exhibition at the MAMBA.
With that drifting of things he refers to the spins of our imagination, experimenting with art from another point of view.
Nemebiax, by Fabio Kacero (2001)
Technique: A4 impression
Work in Progress
In this encounter between Kacero and writing, the artist presents an installation of several printed pages, filled with invented words grouped in columns. The words were invented by Kacero himself and have no meaning. Some could be mistaken for pharmaceutical terms, others for last names of lost tribes, but none can be referred to something. A meaningless writing that could have been a graphism had technology not interfered. This installation is incomplete: the artist will go on writing till he exhausts all the possible alphabet combinations or till some other circumstance dictates the work is finished.
Nieve indoor, by Fabio Kacero (2006)
Technique: installation / Measures: variable
Third version for the MAMBA
With a touch of melancholy that recalls the office where Frank Kafka used to work, Nieve indoor is an old and abandoned office, with desks, closets and shelves covered in snow. In César Aria's words: “It had snowed indoor”. The outdoor has gotten inside, accumulating time and snow, as signs of abandon and sorrow.

To visit... Detournalia at the MAMBA till mid October.

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