What is art?


Not an easy question... We have already tried to answer it on previous posts, but it is true that there can be as many answers as masterpieces in a museum. And what about the works that are not exhibited in museums? 
The following answers are simple statements and reactions to certain paintings and can be discussed freely. They flow from the technique used, or the emotions they cause or the talent of the artist behind them. Thus... 
Art is... a moment.
Woman reading, by Jacques-Émile Blanche
Technique: oil on canvas / Measures: 92.5 x 73.5 cm - MNBA

Art is... a composition.
Still life (squash and fruits), by Martín León Boneo
Technique: oil on canvas / Measures: 66 x 81.5 cm - MNBA

Art is... imagination.
La ciclista, by Oscar Manuel Domínguez (1946)
Technique: oil on canvas / Measures: 72.5 x 60.3cm - MNBA

Art is... an urban landscape.
People, Chicago, by Franco Fontana (2001)
Technique: color photography / Measures: 40 x 60 cm - MNBA

Art is... a countryside setting.
Un alto en el campo, by Prilidiano Pueyrredón (1861)
Technique: oil on canvas / Measures: 75.5 x 166.5 cm - MNBA

Art is... detail.
The birth of Virgin Mary, by Jacob Cornelisz van Oostanen
Technique: oil on wood/ Measures: 129 x 78.5 cm - MNBA

Art is... myth.
Diane surprise, de Jules Joseph Lefebvre (1879)
Technique: oil on canvas / Measures: 279 x 371.5 cm - MNBA

Art is... believing.
The Annunciation, by Sandro Botticelli (Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi) (ca. 1685)
Technique: tempera and gold on wood / Measures: 19.1 x 31.4 cm

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