"La mirada en el otro" vs "Mario Testino: In your face"


The season has begun with new exhibitions and Buenos Aires' MNBA and MALBA have placed photography in the spotlight.  The MNBA is presenting the works of fourteen artists awarded with the Premio Nacional de Fotografía del Ministerio de Cultura de España, from 1994 till 2008. This collective exhibition is a summery of the history of Spanish photography, from postwar to the latest trends.
The MALBA, on the other hand, is showing 122 photos by Mario Testino, the renowned Fashion photographer who has achieved the status of a true artist since his first exhibition at London's National Gallery.
"La Mirada en el otro", MNBA.
"Mario Testino: In your face", MALBA.
The MNBA chose a more traditional display, while the MALBA has decided to set the photos on saturated dark blue walls, with white skirting boards and shelves, suggesting a more intimate space for "personal" photos.
"La Mirada en el otro", MNBA.
"In your face", MALBA.
MALBA's halls produce a deep visual impact in colour and movement.
La calle, by Joan Colom (1958-1961)
Technique: B&W Photography / Measures: 49 x 39 cm
La mirada en el otro, MNBA
Gisele Bundchen, by Mario Testino (2009)
Measures: 240 x 180 cm - Vanity Fair, New York 
Mario Testino: In your face, MALBA
In both exhibitions we see people, in one case, anonymous, in the other, models and celebrities. The photos can certainly be compared, but they differ in attitude. For example, in the previous case, Testino refers to photographer Helmut Newton, who used to shoot women in spontaneous situations.
“Mi amiga Chuslan” Chus Lampreave haciendo de modelo para la joyería Gandolfi, by Ouka Leele (2006)
Technique: Digital photography / Measures: 100 x 80 cm
La Mirada en el otro, MNBA.
Kate Moss, by Mario Testino (2002)
Technique: Digital photography / Measures: 180 x 230 cm 
Mario Testino: In your Face, MALBA.
In this case, an actress and a model. The former poses for a jewellery ad and the latter for Testino's series of portraits inspired in Andy Warhol's paintings.
Both exhibitions have their charm. MALBA's is more spectacular, visually attractive, with popular and iconic characters, where glamour and elegance stand out. MNBA's shows the people of the street, less attractive, but closer to reality and bonded to the history of the Spanish people.

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