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Marc Chagall (Russia, 1887-París, 1985) was an artist that developed a distinctive and very personal iconography, with a style switching between folklore and oneiric experiences. The connective thread of his works is love: to his mother, to his hometown and to his wife. Even though his wife died in 1944, the artist never lost hope in love and continued making it the subject of his paintings… 
The lovers, by Marc Chagall (1959)
Technique: watercolors on canvas / Measures: 59 x 91 cm - MNBA
By the end of last year, in a large bounty of 1500 pieces, 590 masterpieces, previously sustracted to their owners by the nazies, were finally recovered. One of them was a Marc Chagall...
Allegorische Szene (Allergoric Scene), by Marc Chagall (no date)
The official site Lost Art is where Germany's government lists the objects stolen during World War II, specially to Jewish families.  Of the found masterpieces, 25 have been published in the site. In addition to Chagall's painting, there are works by Matisse ("Woman Sitting in an Armchair",  circa 1924), Auguste Rodin ("Study of a Woman") and Théodore Rousseau (“Vue de la vallée de la Seine”), among others.

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