Aphrodite of Capua...


Afrodita de Capua - 117-138 d.C
Material: marble / Measures: 2.20 mts de altura
National Archeological Museum of Naples
The atrium of the Bellas Artes museum welcomes visitors with a representation of the Goddess Aphrodite. It is known as “Aphrodite of Capua”, because of the place where it was found in 1750: the amphitheater Campano de Capua. It’s a 2-mts sculpture in marble of the Goddess of Love according to Greek mythology. The head is lightly tilted to an object she held in her hand, which could have been a mirror or Ares’ shield, for she was his lover.
The feminine shapes and curves, both in her body and face, are classic and, as such, idealized. She carries a draped veil that barely covers her legs, while her left foot is stepping on a helmet.  
There’s something sensual in her nakedness and, possibly when she was displayed for the first time, she might have been a bit dangerous since women at the time covered themselves completely.
It is said that Aphrodite’s sculptures were made to be seen by men. So the statue would awaken all kinds of erotic dreams, according to the iconography given to the Goddess of Love.

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