Cindy Sherman: Untitled #406


Untitled #466, by Cindy Sherman (2008)
Color print / Measures: 246 x 163 cm
02/08/18 - The MALBA in Buenos Aires is currently presenting "Cindy Sherman Richard Prince", an exhibition showcasing the collection of the Astrup Fearnley Museum, in Oslo. It is a selection of 34 photos by these two artists that used to be a couple some years ago.
Among the material on display, "Untitled #466" is one of the best sociological interpretations by Cindy Sherman (USA, 1954). The artist metamorphoses into a woman dressed in a shinny light blue and golden caftan. At first sight she looks rich. However, as we observe the details, her sandals are cheap and made of plastic, and she wears nylon pantyhose. She is obviously trying to hide her real age, covering all her body and exaggerating her makeup. With this representations of older women, Sherman introduces us to the conflict of a generation of a certain status that finds it hard to accept the passing of time.
For almost 35 years, thanks to her acting skills, Sherman uses tons of makeup, wigs, costumes and even prosthetics, to transform herself into the cliches and contemporary parodies of certain women.  We know that she works alone in her studio and the backgrounds are fake, because she photographs herself before a green screen. Once she gets the desired photo, she digitally adds the background.   
The woman in "Untitled #466" makes eye-contact with us, like a mirror of ourselves and the world we live in. Sherman shows us the reality that surrounds us and how we are told to look at it.

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Liliana Wrobel

Production & Translation

Carla Mitrani