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03/29/18 - Traditionally the dowry of a Bedouin woman is offered in silver rings and bracelets. And she shall not keep them. The pieces are smelted and auctioned (only the lucky charms can be kept). Some of these pieces found nowadays have gone through such never-ending process and even today some might keep traces of the mines of King Salomon. It is said that the motifs and designs of Bedouin jewelry have suffered little alteration in 6.000 years.
Through all this process of acquisition, forging, smelting, exchange and re-smelting, a cycle, very similar to Nature’s cycle of life takes place. Trees change their leaves season after season. A leaf that today hangs from a branch, shall fall and be replaced by a new one.
Zuleika Penniman, of Lebanese and American origins, is currently exhibiting at the Tashkeel Center in Dubai a piece representing the branch of a tree with silver leaves. Each of those leaves is identified with the origin of the material used.

AG950-2K, by Zuleika Penniman, (2018)
Material: silver and copper / Measures: 80 x 30 x 170 cm 
Penniman explores the cycle of life, comparing Nature with a similar cultural tradition in which something must stop existing to be reborn as something new. It is a duality that persists in our existence and that’s perfectly represented in the leaves of the trees and the jewels of the Bedouin women: Continuity And Transcendence.

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