The house of dreams... (Part I)


02/26/18 - The artworks that Brian Tolle (USA, 1964) is currently presenting at C24 Gallery in New York question the urban development projects carried out by the government and their long term results. The exhibition is called “Bent” and it presents two works: Levittown and Eureka. The first one consists of a series of installations that reveal how the middle class neighborhoods in the US have collapsed together with the American dream.

Outgrown, by Brian Tolle (2009) 
Materials: Found toys, platinum silicone rubber / Measures: 147.3 x 101.6 x 203.2 cm
Father Knows Best, by Brian Tolle,(2009)
Materials: Salesman sample recliner, braided rug, plywood, platinum silicon rubber / Measures: 61 x 142.2 x 142.2 cm
Phytophora Investments, by Brian Tolle (2009)
Materials: Wheelbarrow, plastic potatoes, platinum silicon rubber / Measures: 139.7 x 106.7 x 111.8 cm
Several of these poetic pieces are scattered all over the main floor of the gallery, representing deflated houses and some belonging of their owners. Next to the artworks, a big photograph gives details of the Long Island public housing project developed in the 50s, for the American middle classes, specially WW II veterans. African-Americans and those not belonging to the white american classes, were excluded.
Mobile, by Brian Tolle (2009)
Materials: White wall tire, rope, platinum silicone rubber / Measures: 368.3 x 61 x 66 cm
Go Ask Alice, by Brian Tolle (2009)
Materials: Found vinyl bean bag chair, platinum silicone rubber / Measures: 61 x 142.2 x 142.2 cm
(To be continued...)

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