Paredes' bronze butterfly...


Andrés Paredes (2017)
Bronze - Galería Calvaresi

08/02/18 - Inspired by the magnificence of Nature and particularly the bodies of air organisms inhabiting the land where he was born, Andrés Paredes (Misiones, 1979) displays a new butterfly. In spite of its heavy structure, it looks light because of the filigree of its wings, worked to the last detail.  It's fascinating how it shines, which increases its particular biomorphic shape, as if its wings were flapping in spite of its metallic body (maybe the illusion was created by the air coming from the window).
The butterfly hangs from the ceiling at the new Calvaresi gallery with a transparent fishing line that does not seem to suffer from the 30 kilos of weight. It was done using an antique method (from the 3rd century b. C): melting of wax. It's an interesting approach in a technological era. Paredes wants us to discover the creatures that accompanied him during his childhood. But with a difference: scale. This is important because it feels like he wants us to pay attention to Nature, giving the butterfly a bronze shield quite opposite to her own frailty.

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Liliana Wrobel

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Carla Mitrani