Art & denunciation by the river... (Part II)


02/01/18 - We continue our tour around Ai Weiwei's exhibition at PROA. Among the many pieces on display, there's a porcelain artwork made with stacked vases that reminds us of Constantin Brancusi's series Endless ColumnThe piece is made of 6 vases, piled one on top of the other, capturing 3 very different concepts: anxiety, sumptuousness and wisdom. It's not usual to connect these three words in one same artwork, but when dealing with Weiwei everything is possible. The piece is one of the most recent creations of the artist and it relates the issue of the refugees with China's artisanal tradition. These type of vases are hand painted and considered an object of desire and luxury by chinese society. Weiwei's vases are painted with images and situations suffered by the refugees and immigrants: ruins, journeys, sea crossings, camps and war. Once again Weiwei reaches for the past to expose a modern problem.

Stacked Porcelain Vases as a Pillar, by Ai Weiwei
Material: porcelain / Measures: 312 x 50,5 x 27 cm

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