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25/12/17 - In playful abstraction, with a mixture of circus and touches of Xul Solar, Ides Kihlen (Argentina, 1917) knits a maze of paintings at the Paseo de las Artes del Palacio Duhau
The artworks are similar, although the backgrounds and shapes change. The geometrical figures group themselves or are spread around the canvas. Sometimes painted, sometimes as cutouts, they form garlands or little gatherings. The triangles seem to dominate, but a closer observation proves that they are in company of squares and rectangles. They are placed in such a way, that they shift from figuration to abstraction indefinitely, which makes our eyes fall in love with the vivid colors, specially the blue and electric red. An interesting element is the presence of the number 5 (five): it is said to be the number haunting the artist's dreams.
I II III Mural, by Ides Kihen (2005)
Technique: acrylic on canvas / Measures: 157 x 522 cm

Untitled, by Ides Kihen (2014)
Technique: acrylic and cutouts on cardboard / Measures: 70 x 82 cm

Serie blanca, by Ides Kihen (2011)

Technique: acrylic and cutouts on cardboard with frame / Measures: 52 x 78 cm

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