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11/23/17 - The Bienal de Arte Contemporáneo, Bienalsur, is reaching its end. And although many of the artworks were not kept properly and can not be appreciated any more, the indoor ones can still be visited, like the neon sign by Sylvie Fleury (Switzerland, 1961), which is part of the exhibition "Interferencias" at the Bellas Artes. This intervention is carried out with artworks on loan from the collection of the MAMCO in Geneva, Switzerland.
On the right: Portrait of Mr. Hoschedé and his daughter, by Edouard Manet (1875)
Technique:oil on canvas / Measures: 97,5 x 130 cm
On the left: Portrait of Diego Martelli, by Edgar Degas (1879)
Technique: oil on canvas / Measures: 75 x 116 cm
In the center: Lighten, by Sylvie Fleury (2008)
Material: neon lights / Measures: 58 x 265 x 7 cm
The neon sign placed in dialogue between the Degas and the Manet is striking, not only because of the tension caused by a contemporary artwork between two classic ones, but because it offers an approach to the creation of mankind.
Not so many years ago, Fleury's intervention would have been considered a transgression or insult. But today Bienalsur wants to question the ideas related to museums and art institutions.
With "LIGHTEN", the artist is ironic about the notion of beauty and wants us to wonder what the word means in that context. Does it means to lighten the weight we give to certain artworks in the history of art? Or maybe lighten the sacredness of museums? Or surrender to extreme capitalism? 
There is no explanation. But the sign, as those used by the fashion labels, is noteworthy enough to make us look.

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