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04/17/17 - Sheela Gowda (1957) is an Indian artist known for her large scale installations with daily life objects which she transforms through her hand work. This transformation is related to the artistic tradition and rituals of her home country. 

Behold, Sheela Gowda (2009)
Materials: Human hair, bumpers 
Tate Modern, London
For "Behold", an artwork that belongs to London's Tate Modern permanent collection, Gowda used four thousand meters of human hair tangled into car bumbers. It is her larger installation to date and it's related to the Indian tradition of tying hair locks to motorcycle bumpers for good luck. The hairs come from the temples where pilgrims do their rituals and, after a time, the hairs are sold to make wigs. 
The installation occupies an entire room at the museum and the contrast between the blackness of the hairs and the shiny bumpers is really moving. 
According to the artist "Behold" communicates and entwines fear, superstition and the most antique beliefs with daily objects. 
Gowda is a creator of found elements that are clearly linked to her origins.

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