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03/09/17 - To dive deep into Eduardo Hochschild's collection is to discover Peruvian contemporary artists who still preserve some of the magic of their mythological homeland.  The pieces on the collection are true representatives of what Peru has been artistically producing in the past 30 years, since this is a collection exclusively dedicated to the Andean country.
Untitled (Architeuthis), by David Zink Yi (2013)
Technique: glazed ceramics
Ambiente de Estéreo Realidad N°4, by José Carlos Martinat
Materials: thermal printers, fans, coloured thermal paper, PC, data search algorithm
Only 40% of the artworks were shipped to Madrid, to be exhibited at Alcalá 31, as part of the satellite events during Arco Art Fair. The pieces on display help us understand importance of the role of the collector to expand the creative frontiers of his country, a role which was also recognized with an award at the same ceremony dedicated to Argentine collector Eduardo Costantini.

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